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Riverside Carpet Cleaning 

With the use of controlled low moisture we are able to remove dirt, sand, grit, staining, and allergens.  Low moisture carpet cleaning is the healthiest most effective way of maintaining your carpeting on an annual basis.  Our green cleaning solution when applied using only 80 pounds of pressure at 190 degrees immediately lifts and evaporates soil build-up on contact. This cleaning process allows your carpets to dry in under 2 hours leaving your carpeting fresh and restored without the inconvenience of long dry times.

We do not collect any type of payment up front, we will thoroughly complete the cleaning service, do a full walk through with you to ensure your satisfaction, and then collect your choice of payment method. 

Let's restore the indoor air quality of your home!

Carpet acts as a filter trapping all kinds of dirt, sand, oils, allergens, and air pollutants daily.  Many of these pollutants are microscopic not being visible to the human eye.  Regular maintenance such as vacuuming will help minimize these pollutants, but professional carpet cleaning is absolutely necessary every 6-12 months to remove the soils trapped deep down in your carpet fibers that a vacuum cannot remove.  Ignoring these pollutants in your carpeting can result in a contaminated indoor air cycle that can lead to respiratory illness.  


Clients of mine say they feel healthier after we clean their carpets!

I'm not only dedicated to giving your carpets & rugs the most thorough cleaning ever.  I'm also dedicated to helping to improve the quality of your life by making your home the optimal healthy environment for you and your family.


Don't be a victim of un-ethical carpet cleaners!

They use harsh, cheap, and even dangerous cleaning agents (leaving toxic amounts of chemical residue in your home.)  Some of these residues are not even safe for your pets much less your children.  The chemicals that these un-educated cleaners use are so harsh that they strip the life from the carpet fibers adding years to the wear age. 

Plus these carpet cleaners don't even pull out all the embedded soil debris that ends up at the lower part of your fibers which will cause your carpet to wear faster. This means you're going to need to replace your carpets sooner (big bucks!)...and that your home won't be as healthy.

These type of cleaners are untrained, unethical, and downright unscrupulous cleaners.  So not only will you pay more in the long run by going with "cheap cleaners" ... you won't be enjoying all the benefits of a great looking carpet, and a safe HEALTHY home. 



Professional Carpet Cleaning;



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The CARPET INSPECTION is free, and there's no obligation.  We come out in uniform and treat your home the way we would like others to treat our own home.  If there is any reason we feel our cleaning method cannot meet your expectation, we will leave a free estimate, no questions asked.  Contact us today at 951-787-8787.