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Pet Urine Damage & Carpet Repair - Riverside, CA


Pet Urine Damage & Carpet Repair – Riverside, CA

Your pets are part of your family, they’re there for you no matter what, but when it comes to your carpeting they can be somewhat against you.  Chewing, clawing and urinating are the most common problems our pets tend to have.  Unfortunately, those problems always seem to occur on the carpet!  The warm fluffy place where they must feel most comfortable to turn your home into breeding ground for bacteria and odor.  Pet urine being the worst and most common amongst the few.  Urine deposits cause damage by penetrating through the carpet fibers deep into the backing and padding underneath the carpet.  Once those deposits touchdown and settle they actually crystalize causing a shift in pH levels, becoming concentrated and releasing chemical and bacterial odors.  In extremely severe cases the urine deposits will penetrate and damage even the hard surface underneath the padding known as the “sub-floor” whether it be wood or cement.  If the carpet is left untreated, overtime the pets will repeatedly urinate in the same general area that causes layers upon layers of urine deposits.  The more urine, the more bacteria, the more odor, the more it will cost to correct the damage.  Luckily for you we do offer an economical solution to correct the sticky situation you may be stuck in.


  • Locate urine using moisture detectors (urine deposits stay moist in your carpet, always, yikes!)
  • Remove urine with the water claw rinsing process (this process removes the bulk of urine deposits in the primary & secondary backing underneath the fibers)
  • Deep clean and rinse carpet fibers (this process removes anything the first rinse did not, also removes dirt, oils, staining, grime, allergens, etc.)
  • Sanitize and kill odor causing bacteria (this process kills bacterial odor in urine deposits)
  • Spray pet odor control treatment (this digests the chemical odor in urine deposits)
  • Remove any existing moisture left in carpet
  • Groom carpet pile
  • Dry time for this process can be up to 3 days


  • Locate urine damage
  • Move all furniture necessary
  • Remove contaminated carpet
  • Remove contaminated padding
  • Seal and hard surface penetrated by urine deposits (usually with shellac or KILLZ, this process is not always necessary)
  • Clean & treat backing and surface fibers of the carpeting
  • Install new padding
  • Stretch and reinstall your carpet
  • Move furniture back
  • Groom carpet pile

As you can see, the process for a professional pet urine removal treatment can be somewhat extensive.  It is not just a matter of cleaning and running over the top of your carpet with a cleaning machine.  It takes time and patience to get your home healthy again.  Pricing does vary from home to home, an onsite estimate is required for and accurate price quote.  Don’t let that pet urine damage fester in your carpet any longer.  Call today for carpet repair and removal of this ongoing issue.  Serving Riverside, CA and surrounding areas, we can be reached at 951-787-8787 or just click here to schedule an appointment.