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Rotovac Carpet Cleaning vs Wand Carpet Cleaning Riverside, CA

As you can see in this video the rotovac 360 is not only much easier to use but it is extremely thorough in it's cleaning capability in comparison to the floor wand. The Rotovac 360 is adjustable up to 250rpm's and can agitate your carpet as many as 650 times per minute.  It cleans all four sides of the carpet fibers leaving them fresh and clean.  It removes twice as much moisture then the floor wand could ever possibly remove.

The floor wand is a traditional way used to clean carpets and is no match for the Rotovac 360.  It only cleans two sides of the carpet fibers leaving excessive build up and moisture in your carpet.  Moisture alone left in the carpet can cause all kinds of health issues let alone cause installations defects such as shrinkage or delamination of the backings.  

If not dried properly mildew growth can occur underneath the carpeting that can eventually turn to mold if left untreated.  For maximum cleaning results and improvement of the indoor quality of your home the rotovac 360 is the best option for a professional carpet cleaning service.  Call 951-787-8787 for Riverside, CA and surrounding areas for a Rotovac cleaning service.

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