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Tile and Grout Cleaner Riverside, CA


Professional tile and grout cleaning is absolutely necessary if you want to maintain the indoor quality of your home.  Like carpet and upholstery your hard surfaces collect just as much soil on a daily basis if not more.  You can spend all day on your hands and knees attempting to remove the grime and build up in the crevices of your grout.

Grease and oil accumulate on your hard surfaces by the minute and choosing the correct tile and grout cleaner to remove the build up is crucial in the cleaning process if you want maximum results.  Using the correct cleaning solutions, thoroughly agitating the areas cleaned, being detail oriented, and using high water pressure to blast the soils out are important roles in correctly cleaning the hard surfaces of your home.

Once the tile and grout are restored it is recommended that a water based sealer be applied in order to maximize the longevity of the cleaning process performed in your home.  Keep in mind that sealers are not a preventative of soil build up, sealers are designed to preserve the life of your grout and/or stone and prevent permanent damage.

Tile and grout cleaning is recommended at least once every 2-3 years depending on the traffic of your home with the re-application of a professional strength sealer.  Whether it has been 3 years or 10 years since your last cleaning, Pure Solutions carpet and upholstery cleaning can provide a restoration cleaning service that is reliable and thorough serving Riverside, CA and surrounding areas call 951-787-8787 for a free onsite estimate.