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Why Choose Green Carpet Cleaning Companies Riverside, CA

We as humans are exposed to all kinds of toxic air pollutants on a daily basis.  We have created this world of pollution that we are living in today.  Most people do not know that Riverside, California is one of the most polluted cities in the United States of America.  One in every six children in California alone are diagnosed with asthma, and is the leading cause of school absences nationwide.  Factory and vehicle pollution are not the only types of pollution affecting the air.  Toxic cleaning chemicals used by custodians and cheap carpet cleaners also contribute to this problem.  Implementing on a green cleaning program will highly promote healthy indoor air quality in your home.  

Green cleaning solutions are prohibited from containing chemicals that cause asthma (asthmagens).  Toxic carpet cleaning solutions can contribute to respiratory problems indirectly, by releasing volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that form ozone (smog).  Certified green carpet cleaning companies must meet standards that address the health of our customers and our environment.  In the carpet cleaning industry over 75% of the cleaning companies use the traditional method (wet).  Low moisture cleaning conserves large amounts of water that would become contaminated water waste post cleaning, this in which will help reduce water pollution.

Average dry time for the wet cleaning process is usually a minimum of 24 hours, sometimes longer.  By taking carpet this long to dry, the excessive moisture can create an environment for mildew to grow and create musty odors.  Dry cleaning is a preventative of this process taking place because of the fast dry times.  The video above is a representation of our world today, sometimes making small changes, like how we clean, can make a big difference in our world tomorrow. Pure Solutions carpet and upholstery cleaning offers low moisture and V.O.C. free cleaning solutions serving Riverside, CA and surrounding areas.  Contact us at 951-787-8787.